Friday, November 27, 2009


What's not to love about Thanksgiving?! Food, football, and family - the perfect combination! Well, we didn't really get in much football, but we did talk about the annual Byrne Family football game we plan to start when the kids get a bit older :) Girls vs. Boys and Olivia and I plan to take them down!

What a year to give thanks! God and I talk a lot these days... a lot of our conversations are about thanks... for my husband, for babies, for family, for friends... for His patience, grace, and love... come to think of it, I'm not really sure why there is only one day per year devoted to giving thanks. Maybe we should start a second annual day of thanks!

I'll just keep it to the things that have happened this WEEK that I'm thankful for! Even that could take forever.... hmmmm...

Back to the great appointment that George and Olivia had... they go to the high risk clinic back at MUSC every few months for check ups. It's great - the team that runs the clinic is also part of the NICU team! They cared for Olivia and George when they were just 2 1/2 pounds, and now they still follow up to make sure they are developing at a good pace, and probably to check that other problems aren't developing, but we don't think about that :) Great news - they were very happy! Because of their extreme prematurity, G & O aren't exactly on track for being 10 months old, but they are catching up quickly. If they would have been born on their due date, they would only be about 7 months old. I know, strange to think about. The good news is they are developmentally ahead of being 7 months old and well on their way to "catching up". Yea!

I love holidays... lots of food, a few vacation days, and time to relax and laugh. But this year, holidays are also really tough. We celebrate every victory on our way to being together as a family... but we miss Samuel every day. Especially on holidays. Yes, we still get to visit... and you better believe we find ways to decorate the NICU... and the nurses definitely help Samuel know it's the holidays with funny art projects and outfits... but we miss him so much. DB is right though - we have so much to be thankful for... our miracles still amaze us every day and I hope we never forget that.

You might have turkey, but I got to try a lollipop!

And I'm pretty sure I love it!
(Samuel also got to try a few drops of water this week - and loved it! It's incredible the things we take for granted.)

Just too cute :)

George and Olivia met the beach on Thanksgiving...
and loved it!

When we arrived, George would not look away - he was infatuated with the waves! Dad was very proud :)

Olivia got to try out the new pack! Thank you swim team!

Yea, beach! Pampaw would be happy :)

A pack AND a chair! Did I mention I love it?!

The Feast!
Nobody wants to see the big people eating...
but the little people were hysterical!

George loves to eat from a spoon... so Omi helps him try out the potatoes...

...did I mention they were garlic mashed potatoes? He loved them!

Well, if he can do it, so can I... I think...


That's quite the celebration over potatoes! Can't wait to see what happens if she tries the turkey! ha ha!

Olivia steals a kiss from her favorite cousin - literally!

Madison makes me happy!

Time to go home :)

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Lindsey said...

precious pictures! love that they went to the beach. and got to eat potatoes:).