Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trach Collar Trials - week TWO!

I know, you never knew there was a week one for the trach collar :) I thought about writing, a lot, but for some reason needed to get through the first week for it to be real. This is another amazing step... another step we weren't sure we would ever take... another hold your breath moment... another day for Samuel to be a rock star!

A trach collar trial is a chance for Samuel to be disconnected from the ventilator/CPap and breathe on his own through the trach tube. (See - makes you nervous already!) These breathing trials are done as “mock” trials to see how well he can breathe on his own without the help of a ventilator/CPap. (Just a little more nervous...) Samuel has done anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours! (Breathe easy :) ) In between trials, the trach tube is reconnected to the ventilator/CPap so he can rest.

When he is disconnected from the ventilator/CPap, a different "breathing" tube is attached to his trach tube... he gets warm, wet, oxygen through it. This provides some oxygen flow, but does not provide breaths. I know, confusing...

Ventilator - provides oxygen, provides pressure, makes the lungs breathe in and out

CPap (what we're on 20-22 hours per day) - it is the ventilator, still provides oxygen and pressure, but the part is turned off that makes the lungs breathe in and out

Trach Collar (what we're on 2-4 hours per day) - provides oxygen, lungs have to do all of their own work

Bottom line - WOO HOO!

On CPap - check out all the tubing...

Still CPap - a little closer look...

Trach collar! One big tube!

He actually has a cold so the trach collar trials were stopped for a few days. But, they have resumed and are going well. Samuel is amazing!!! We're looking forward to getting over this cold :)

Samuel and his "I have a cold" face ... still a cutie!

Didn't forget brother and sister :)

No, I'm not comfortable at all... why do you ask? Sweet girl with her dad :)

Mom, I'm kinda busy right now... uh oh, a sign of things to come :)

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Kay Gramm said...

Great pics! You are such a good mom :)