Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Claus Came To Town

I had a slew of plans for the three weeks that Mo, Do, and Uncle Aaron were here (he made it in on Christmas Eve!). Unfortunately, they were cut short by a loving reminder from DB and Samuel's pulmonologist that Samuel is still medically fragile and being around lots of people, many of whom have germs, is a very bad idea. Bummer. He looks fine to me ;) Ha ha!

There was one plan that could not be stopped... Santa must have known we couldn't make it to see him, so he sent one of his helpers to see us! His visit was one of our Christmas highlights!

Sweet! Santa is coming!

Ummmm... hi Santa... now BYE Santa!

Who's first to sit on Santa's lap?! No volunteers :)
(Our friend Lucas came too - the kids had so much fun together!)

The Best of Santa Photos

Samuel went first...
Woo Hoo! Check out this cool guy in the red suit! He brought presents!
(Apparently he has met too many people during his first two years - Samuel had no hesitations!)

See, I'm smiling... now all done!

High Five!

No thank you Santa, I'm good on the gifts, can I get down now?

The Worst of Santa Photos :)

Have I met you before? No? Ok, but you look very familiar :)




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