Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lace Up Your Kicks

It is official - Samuel is on the move! As of about a week ago, he is crawling everywhere! One day he just decided it was time, and the learning curve has been incredible - he wants to go, go, go. I guess he was on the move a little bit before with his lying down scoot and his backward scoot, but crawling is so much more efficient that he is now constantly exploring everything.

It's amazing how much his curiosity has exploded with this new, increased mobility. Samuel wants to touch every toy, and explore every room. Before, especially with his lack of vocabulary, he was very content with wherever he was and whatever toys were in reach. Not any more! Also, Samuel has never really understood that he can demand things the way other babies do... for example, if he saw a toy out of his reach, more than likely he would give it a glance but continue to play with the things near by. Again, not any more! This child is making up for lost time, checking out everything in the house at least a dozen times. I love it!

More recently he has also started pulling up on everything from the couch, to the fireplace, to the toy garage. Time to lower his crib mattress!

Taking a Lap
No better place to start then checking out what is on the fire place!
Look at my boy - go Samuel!

After peeking down the hallway, it's back to the living room...
Not sure if you can see the smile on his face, we're still working on neck extension, but it's a mile wide :)

Sitting for a quick pose :)
THIS is what his smile looks like when he's crawling - he loves it.

Headed around the couch and towards the dining room table.
Why? Why not, says Samuel!

Cruising right on by...

... wait, pause for a laugh with mama :) And he was off again...

... to the toys! I'm pretty sure this is Samuel's favorite part about crawling.

Not sure if you can see it in the photos, but Samuel has this great "road rash" on this legs, we think from crawling so much... his skin wasn't used to it, and he didn't give it any time to warm up to the idea before crawling non-stop.

George and Olivia couldn't resist some outside time during one of Samuel's PT sessions... winter can be so darn cute!

George :)

Olivia :)

George finally has the bike moving! Now he just has to figure out how to get it out of reverse and into drive :)

Hiding doesn't work as well once the leaves have fallen, but don't tell Olivia!


Caroline said...

Oh my goodness! We were just talking about Samuel in the NNICU and decided to check your blog to see if it was updated! Now we have tears! YAY SAMUEL!!

Lindsey said...

AWESOME! Go Samuel!