Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Preparations

Yes, DB put up the Christmas lights and the wreaths (thank you Omi!)... and yes, we have some Christmas decorations and pandles (candles, but it's cuter the way George says it) set up... and yes, we are getting a tree... but those aren't the preparations I'm talking about.

I am going to take entirely too many photos in the next few weeks, and need to get my posts up-to-date before that happens, which includes posting these pictures from the last month that I love :)

Yep, starting in the back yard :)

Rain or shine, warm or cold, George loves his trucks!

Hmmm... not sure how I feel about this... I think I like crawling inside better for right now ;)
At least Samuel tried it!

Another picnic for three... this time we moved the table into the sunshine. Love that vitamin D!
Samuel can't stand on his own yet, but he sure loves to try!

Smiling girl :)

For candy? Or for rocks, acorns and sticks?! The latter has been a favorite at our house!

Everyone loves a turn on the hammock... and sometimes you give in and just try to balance as many people at once as you can!

Hangin' Out Inside
Oh my, George... what big feet you have!
Trying on mommy's and daddy's shoes is the new thing.

Olivia gives it a shot too, but also adds the vest for the full look :)

Samuel was just lounging and laughing at his brother and sister :)

Every day that our favorite cousin comes to visit is a good one!
Olivia loved hearing more than mama's Twinkle Twinkle song coming out of the piano :)

Whew! Another busy day :)
Samuel, let this also be a lesson to you that this is what happens when you don't take your nap! Ha ha!

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