Monday, October 11, 2010

The Gang's All Here!

Today I didn't have to miss Samuel when we went to the park... for the first time, EVER, Samuel went somewhere besides to see a doctor! It was awesome :) Granted, everything he came in contact with was thoroughly wiped, and we were extra vigilant about anyone touching him (or even looking at him too closely ;) ), I think he got the full park experience. I love it!

The swing was Samuel's main hangout... and he loved it! Good thing - it was a safe, germ free spot, so he stayed there for a while :) Actually, he was there for a while, but it was because it was something he could actually do and he really did love it. We tried a little slide, but he wasn't too impressed... and after very short consideration, we vetoed going down a big slide with an oxygen tank. Ha ha!

Higher, daddy, higher!

I think Samuel and Stefanie are friends :)

All adults smiling... babies looking in every direction :)

Everyone looking in the same direction... except me... darn!
Logistics of getting everyone there: three adults, three babies, and two cars. DB drove with George and Olivia, and I rode with Stefanie and Samuel. With Samuel's gear, we can't fit all the babies in the same car, plus, someone has to sit with Samuel as a just-in-case and to suction when necessary. Once there, with three adults it was very do-able. DB rode home with Samuel and Stefanie, then drove another car back to meet us at the park. Such great teamwork!

Sweet Olivia :)

Nothing like bagel sandwiches (and an applesauce appetizer) after the park!
Stefanie and Samuel headed home after about an hour at the park for PT... plus, Samuel was ready to get on the floor and scoot.

Other fun news - Samuel is now in a Big Boy Crib! Since he has been home he has been in a portable crib... small, but we could access him from both sides if necessary. Turns out that was a good call in the early days of coming home! But he is doing so well, and definitely growing out of that tiny little crib, so we're giving the big crib a try.

Whoa... look at all this space...

... I love it
He really did love it! So much, in fact, that he didn't sleep much that night at all... lucky us ;) But since the first night he has settled in nicely and is loving his new digs.

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