Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

After many unsuccessful attempts at a creative, funny intro to this post... I give up. Here's the deal, Samuel got a wonderful new stroller/wheelchair in mid-August, specially suited with attachments to hold an oxygen tank, feeding pump, water bag, etc., with enough storage space to hold all his stuff - emergency bag, suction bag, diaper bag, and anything else he might need. The chair was specially made to fit Samuel, and he loves it!

I have a really hard time looking at it.

When Samuel rode in the normal double stroller, he was incredibly uncomfortable and it was impossible to go anywhere without two adults in tow because he has so many accessories. In his new stroller, he is so happy! Samuel is comfortable and I can take him for a walk just the two of us if I want to. YEA!

I wish he didn't need it.

The new stroller also has a tray that is the perfect height for him to play, play, play. And it's big enough to hold toys and books and his cup. His smile is a mile wide!

I don't like it. I look at that chair and I want to cry. I can't explain it. I'll try... just remember that this blog is very therapeutic for me :)

At home things are set up so that Samuel is just a normal baby... sure he has a few extra accessories, but we don't even notice them anymore. Sure his schedule is different than George and Olivia's, but it just feels like he is his own baby. Sure Samuel has some delays, but he's getting better every day. That chair reminds me that Samuel still has many hills to pedal up... that he isn't "just a normal baby"... that he does have special needs... and it breaks my heart.

Bottom Line: I love the chair because Samuel loves it... and I know that eventually it will be just like every other piece of equipment in our house and it will blend into the background. It is so great for my baby, and it makes him mobile, comfortable, and happy. Samuel's happy - I'm happy :) The chair has become part of the crew - ha ha!

A few of the photos from September :)

Yes, Samuel, we want you to use the spoon... but this isn't exactly what we had in mind. He thought it was hysterical :)

Who's the cutie with the mohawk? Oh, there he is!

Little girl and her dad :)

I think George is actually reading the book... just not out loud yet. ha ha!

Kiss from Olivia!

George and Olivia are completely into shoes... especially Dad-dee's :)
Too funny, lately they carry around whatever shoe they find and look for its owner... something like Dad-dee? Dad-dee? with a very concerned look on their faces until they find who the shoe belongs to.

This is either a sign that Samuel wants to read... or that he's going to be excellent at hide-and-seek!

One of our many outside play times - we love being outside!
George loves that Tonka!

Olivia, on the other hand, is practicing for both soccer and volleyball :)

Samuel loves soaking up the rays!
Lately, he has also started sitting in the grass and on the concrete...
and he doesn't hate it. YEA!
A perfect picnic for three :) Bring on the lemonade!


Jessica said...

You are such a great momma!!! The kids are getting so big. :)

Vicki said...

Dearest Bethany, Wave and kids,
Although I read and cherish every word and photo in your blog, I have not let you know in a long time how much it means to me in so many ways...this post compelled my response. So much of what God has accorded is a mystery to me, but this post confirmed again that at least one of His designs is so very clear...the "Byrne Family of five" is the perfect one for Samuel! Thank you for the inspiration you are! Give each other the biggest of hugs for me!

Laurie said...

{{{HUG}}} I know exactly what you mean.