Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

On Friday, January 28th, our "babies" officially turned 2! Um, really?! :) Ha ha! Actually, it's more like Hooray!!!

Friday was the actual birthday, but we used it more as preparation for the birthday party. We practiced singing Happy Birthday and telling how old we are :)

Saturday was party day! The theme was simple... Three Babies, Two Years, ONE HOME! Hard to believe our babies are two, almost even more amazing how far they have come in a year. Click here to revisit Birthday #1 :)

It was perfect weather and the perfect crowd! (A relatively small crowd - we still have to be super careful about exposing Samuel to germs so we limited it to people who have been over in the last month, who unfortunately are also screened. But we have lots of therapists so that lengthened the invite list - ha ha! It's actually pretty humbling to see just how many people are intimately involved in helping our babies.) Photos below...

Sunday we got to spend with Omi, Uncle Jay, Favorite Cousin Madison, and Linda and had even more birthday! The kiddos got breakfast bagel treats and presents to open :) Plus, lots of play time with the family. Another great day!

The best way to tell the story of the birthday party... in photos (thank you Laura!):

Birthday Cake!

Adults singing Happy Birthday and presenting cake!
Babies wondering why they're the only people sitting down
and everyone is staring at them :)
Samuel: Olivia, what is this stuff?
Olivia: I think it's cake?
George: Guys, I think we're supposed to be smiling!


Olivia was not convinced that cake is yummy...
I'm pretty sure that's the only cake she ate,
on that one little finger :)
George was trying to be polite, so instead of using his hands,
he used the candle as a spoon :)

Samuel dove right in with his hands, but was not interested
in eating any... but was interested in chewing on
one of his favorite forks :)
Ha ha! I love these three - they are so wonderful, and so different from each other!

Family Photo! George, could you eat any more cake?

Family Photo! George, pause with the cake for a minute please...

Family Photo! Well, at least George was finally ready :) Smiling AND telling us he's two!

After the cake, it was time to play, play, play!
Mo - the outfits ROCKED!!!
Who needs more matching blue checkered shirts and a pink dress?
These were SO much better!!!

Go figure, George and a truck!

Running! Actually, racing :) Ready, set, GO!

Time for some serious play in the sandbox :)

Olivia ready to go "flying" with mom! We put the cape to some use :)

Even raking requires accessories - love the necklace :)

Not much is more fun than pinestraw!

Samuel holding court with his groupies :)

Showing off both his crawling skills and new "zzzz" sound.

Signing "more"... which is almost always followed by "please " :)
Sorry Samuel, it's another year before the next birthday!

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MatersandMelons said...

Happy Birthday to Olivia, George, and Samuel! I love keeping up with your sweet babies through your blog, Bethany! Y'all have come a long way!!

Brad, the kids, and I are now living in Brunson so that Brad doesn't have to commute every day. The kids are all in school at Patrick Henry -- so we are now rivals!! :-) I commute to the farm a couple of days a week, so maybe I will see you around town some.

I am so happy that Samuel is doing so well!