Monday, January 3, 2011

We Are Members!

I'm not sure if it's actually called a membership... but you are talking to the owner of a new Library Card! YEA!

We officially entered the new year with the ability to check out new books. Plus, there are neat activities for kids, computers with age appropriate games, and it allows us exposure to a lot of new books we might never see otherwise. Now the trick is taking advantage of all these things :) It's worth a shot!

During our first visit we checked out two books and reserved a sign language DVD. The sign language DVD was actually what finally prompted me to "join" the library... I'd been wanting to, but needed that final kick to get out of the house and do it. Along with his new mobility, Samuel has been learning more and more communication tools, including some sign. He definitely signs "more", "please", "eat" (even though he wants nothing to do with it), "fan" (don't ask :) ), and blows kisses, waves, gives 5, winks (with both eyes :) ), and is really showing his preferences and independence when it comes to play. He can also say "up" and I really think he can tell you what a horse says! Uh oh... I don't think I realized how incredible this really is until I just wrote it down... pause for a tissue... man, He is good!

Back to the story - we have a few signing flashcards and a CD, but have been trying to choose a DVD. Let me tell you, there are a lot of options, and they're not cheap. I heard from a friend that we could probably check some out from the library... loh and behold, it's true! Our library didn't have anything from the series we wanted to try, but could reserve it from another branch. Yea!

Mo and Do were so much more prepared than I was - they brought their camera! And of course, no trip downtown is complete without visiting the park :)

We were quite a site to see!

Needless to say, we took over our very own table at the library :)
You should have seen us at lunch at the Bagel place! ha ha!

George and Samuel loved exploring the new things and the new books! Olivia did too, for brief periods of time... notice there are no photos of her... this is because she spent most of the visit stuck to my leg :) The more we visit, the more comfortable she will get... but O is not generally a big fan of new people or places at first :)

George and Uncle Aaron had a great time! I'm not sure we even saw them much after this - they were off just doing their own thing! I love it.

Olivia was all about the photos... and she was having so much fun that it was easy to catch her smiling :)

Too cool for the camera... but I just love how relaxed Samuel looks :)

BB and Olivia - it was a very good day :)

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