Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Year!

It has officially been one year...

... not since they were born, that's been 26 months...

... not since George and Olivia came home, that's been nearly 24 months...

... not since Samuel crashed, that's been 20 months...

... not even since the first time Samuel came home, that's been 13 months.

It has been one year since Samuel came, and stayed, home :)

Yes, we have had doctors appointments and planned overnight stays, but March 29th, 2010, was when Samuel really did come home to stay! My heart is more full than it's ever been. I prayed for Samuel to come home for the longest time, and when it happened I gave thanks and praise... and then asked, what next?! I'm convinced that one of the reasons we aren't privy to "the plan" is not only would we not believe it, we would probably try to mess with it :) The last year has been incredible in so many ways. In fact, I'm trying to stop asking so much about what the future holds and more for opening our eyes and preparing DB and I for whatever comes our way. The plan is good, help us to take full advantage of it - for us but even more for our babies!

To celebrate this year anniversary, Samuel and I went to a doctors appointment back at MUSC :) Ha ha! Yes, really! Here's the kicker, JUST Samuel and I went... by ourselves! This is the first time EVER that I have driven Samuel more than a few miles by myself, without a nurse, DB, Omi, or someone else to drive so I could sit in the back. Just me driving and Samuel riding. YEA! Plus, the doctors appointment was great! Very appropriate actually, it was our pulmonary doctor, Dr. B. He rocks! Plus, we have been through a lot together... he was the one who had to show us the horrible photos of Samuel's lungs back in July '09, and explain to us what they meant. But, like the other incredible people at MUSC, he never gave up hope that Samuel would one day come home. It would have been easy to give up hope.

Today is another reason that every baby deserves a chance. Samuel came home, he gets stronger every day, he is breathing completely on his own, and he has been home with his family for an entire year. He is a brother, a son, a grandchild, a nephew, a cousin, and a fighter with a team that fights with him :) Thank God for every person who never gave up hope!

March, 2010
Fully vent-dependant and non-mobile

March 29, 2011
1 Year!
Trache-less and crawling all over the house!
(Phone photos so a little blurry...)

Early morning smiles :)

Love the doctors office!

I meant to put him in his hat all day, but left it in the car, boo.

Ready for bed, in pj's, and still smiling!

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