Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Jar Of Goodness

A quick flash back... I walked into work in early April to find this on my desk...

Not sure if you can read the note, it says: "Mrs. Byrne, I've been saving this for a long time.  It's like $30.  Love, Thomas"

Get ready for this... it was a donation for the March of Dimes from one of our 7th grade students!  And not just any donation, but his "piggy bank"!  Even thinking about it now makes my heart swell.  Every donation was special, and every single one stopped me in my tracks at how incredibly generous people can be, but this one hit me in a different way.  This 7th grader gave his savings... to help babies!  His mom didn't make him (in fact, she got teary too) and he didn't get any over the top recognition (he didn't ask for any at all), he just did it because it felt like a good thing to do.  What a gift!

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