Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things To Remember, Part 2

It's been about three months since my last "in general" post... plus, at this point there seems to be lots of little updates about lots of things, so this may be the easiest :)  Where to begin...

DB is doing really well!  It's been nearly two weeks since his surgery, and more than a week since we came home from the hospital.  Home is SO good!!!  I think the toughest part is that DB feels great mentally (he's almost off all of the hardcore pain meds and just on tylenol), but can't do much physically.  He has started going for short walks, is able to get in and out of chairs by himself, and is helping out where he can with the kiddos - they love reading books with daddy!  But it will be weeks before he can drive a car by himself, or even the lawnmower, and even longer before he can lift 10 pounds or more... I think he's going a little stir crazy having to sit so much and feeling tired, but he's able to be good because the pain is still pretty intense if he breaks the recovery rules.  DB sneezed for the first time today, which was unbelievably painful, but he also got the energy to ride in the car and do a few errands with me, Olivia, and George.

BB's summer schedule still includes working part-time, but summer also means it's preseason!  The school swim team I coach started preseason practices the last day of May and will be two days a week until the end of July when the regular season begins.  Once again my assistant coaches have already proven to be lifesavers, not only with general practices, but also by taking over on the days I could not attend last week.  I love coaching!  And I love the crew of swimmers and coaches I get to work with!

Olivia is a trip!  We call her our narrator... our play-by-play commentator... of everything.  Some favorites are the adjectives she uses for clothing, or should I say "outfits."  They are generally "too cute" or "so pretty," whether it's a dress, a boys shirt, or even a sock :)  Olivia also loves to wear ponytails and bows!  Of course, she also loves to keep track of what everyone is doing, frequently running to tell daddy or mommy about the actions of George, Samuel, and her favorites dolls.  Olivia loves to dance, loves to eat, loves to play soccer, and she loves to laugh!

George keeps us laughing!  That boy loves trucks, cars, and books... he could live on those three topics all day, every day.  George also loves to be tickled, and he laughs with this uncontrollable pure laugh that lights up the room!  He is an expert at puzzles, knows every book in our house by name, and has an incredible memory and recollection for details..  He loves to run through the house squealing with delight at the joy of running!  George is still in PT for a weak core and his left foot has started to turn in just a bit, although his custom-made orthotics seem to be helping a lot.

Olivia and George can also sing the words to most children's songs, know their ABC's, count to 10, and have at least five jokes up their sleeves.  They amaze us daily!  They recognize the letters G, O, S, M, and D everywhere, love to color, and like nothing more than to be outside swinging or playing in the water.  They're also learning to share and take turns, with only a few trips to time out along the way :)

Samuel is still impressing us more and more everyday, if it's possible!  He is not only pulling to stand with ease, but is now cruising... literally, anywhere there is a ledge, a wall, or a leg, that boy is standing and walking!  He can practically walk when you're holding just one of his hands.  Samuel wears leg braces, hinged AFO's, that help him with leg/hip/knee/ankle strength and positioning.  He is also signing more and more, including to make choices!  We started using picture cards to represent some of his favorite people, toys, and songs, and he is really getting it.  Even though it's not in language that you or I would typically use, he can very clearly tell you which song he wants to sing with a few sounds and hand gestures... and believe me, he will also tell you if you get it wrong :)  This is incredible!!!  Samuel spent so long not wanting anything or expressing himself... this "normal baby" this is so exciting for us, and for him!  Imagine figuring out you can ask for things... and then how to communicate them!

Samuel is still the happiest boy you've ever met :)  He loves to bounce on the couch, seesaw to Row Your Boat, swing, play with pine straw, play peek-a-boo, and of course love on Beelow and Lady.  Samuel still drinks water from his cup,  but has gone a little backward on the eating.  He was doing great, and then sometime mid-April (pretty sure it was the 16th) he just stopped being interested... we still work on it every day, and in the last few days he seems to be expressing a bit of interest again.  Fingers crossed - this is a huge mountain for him to climb!  Samuel still wears his eye patch and hour per day, but his vision is great... which he proves by his sprinting crawls to his favorite toys.

Wow, still feel like there's so much to say!  Our family changes daily, thankfully :)  At the same time, I wish I could freeze this time in our lives (except for DB - I want a speedy recovery for him!) because it is just so awesome.  I love my family!

Hard at Play! 
Of course there's Olivia in the front, but I love that Samuel is taking it all in, and of course George's hair is priceless :)

Hard at Work! 
I've mentioned it before, we take love our sidewalk chalk!

The dogs are right in the middle of all our outside play... sometimes literally EXACTLY in the middle :)

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