Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love/Hate, Part 2

First, I just need to say that I'm so thankful for Part 2's!  We are truckin' right along and the kiddos have gotten stronger every day... who knew things could be so good :)

The first Love/Hate post was regarding Samuel's special stroller... okay, fine, wheelchair.  Wow has it been wonderful for us!  Not only was it helpful for short trips, but it was the reason we could venture out of the hospital during all of Samuel's recent stays.  It's comfortable, durable, and holds all of his accessories, including pulse ox, feeding pump, and oxygen tank, among others.  I'm convinced going outside kept us sane during those stays!  Thank you Chair :)

Kind of a humorous side note, but I'm pretty sure Samuel got more "poor kid" looks for the eye patch than for the oxygen or the Chair!

This post is also about equipment that I am so excited about, but also kind of breaks my heart just a little bit.  Last Thursday Samuel tried out his first walker.  I've been a range of emotions, from "who knew they made walkers for 2-year olds?"  To, "seriously, hasn't he had enough, he really needs a walker?"  To, "wow, my boy has come so far I can't believe he's walking!"

Just to throw it out there, there is no need to tell me how far Samuel has come... I know :)  His life is a miracle, much less every single thing he is able to do!  I know he is incredible!  Nothing could take away from my feelings of incredible joy at all my baby is accomplishing.  But, it's still tough to swallow sometimes that your baby can't just get up and walk like other kids... it's going to take longer, again.

These feelings aren't for my pain - at least I don't think they are - but because I want something to be easy for Samuel.  Everything takes work, and strategies, and even equipment.  Yes, I'm thankful for all of those things!  But there's something about seeing your baby in a walker that makes your eyes well up because it just doesn't seem fair.  I know, pity party.  The good news is that the pity party doesn't last long at all because the joy of seeing Samuel walking FAR outweighs any of that!

After writing all this, I'm finding myself in the same place I did with the Chair... I hate that Samuel needs it, but I love that it's available to him and all that it will allow him to do! 

This original walker I'm mentioning was a quick trial at our initial evaluation for our new physical therapist.  Yes, NEW!  The reason this is exciting?  It's a clinic... like, not in the home... like, the docs feel he is healthy enough to try an out of home therapist!  Our other therapies will remain in-home, but for PT this is a new adventure for us.  Also, Samuel is doing so well with PT that it's time to get him somewhere that can offer him equipment... not only the walker, but also special bikes, a ball pit, a swing room, and so much more.  I can't believe he's ready for this - HOORAY!

He really did like it!  Wish he had a smile to show it :) 
Samuel was completely intrigued with the walker, the new location,
and all of the other amazingly cool therapy things all over the place.

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Lindsey said...

just wanted you to know i've been reading but haven't commented in awhile. so thankful all went well with D and that he's recovering so well... i am always so encouraged reading about the kids and you guys. i can only begin to imagine the roller coaster of emotions and feelings but at the same time so amazed at how the Lord has developed those precious kids. i hope and pray it won't be long until you are writing a post about samuel falling down from running:).