Monday, January 16, 2012


This past weekend was humorous, especially after my post less than two weeks ago about how the germs were gone!  See where this is going?  It was either laugh or cry last weekend, and there was no time to cry, that would have required at least a minute to grab a tissue, and I only had time to grab a bucket.  Ew.

  • Thursday - Samuel gets horrendous diarrhea (he can't throw up because he has a nissen, so we think sometimes this is his outlet).
  • Friday, 7am - DB leaves for brothers weekend - yea!!!
  • Friday, noon - I get a call, Olivia is throwing up at school.  Luckily Samuel's nurse was able to work that day, we certainly couldn't send him to school is his current state, so I left work to pick up O.  She actively threw up every 30 minutes for the rest of the night, including on the car ride home.  But wait...
  • Friday, 2pm - I get a call, George is throwing up at school.  This is the point that I actually laughed out loud :)  You've got to be kidding me... I can't take the two at home anywhere, besides there is still throw up in the car from my last trip.   DB in Florida, Omi at least an hour or more away, luckily Rachel (my kids BFF/nanny I've mentioned before) was just getting off work so she went to get G.  Hooray!  Then he threw up on the way home.  I'm so lucky Rachel loves my kids as much as they love her :)
  • Friday, 4:30pm - I get a call, Sherry, Samuel's nurse who left a few hours earlier, has this darn virus too.  Ugh oh, it makes adults sick too?!
  • Friday, 5pm - I get a call, DB is sick on his trip.  Ugh.  Hasn't seen a hockey game in four years, and on the way to one with his brothers, and with great seats nonetheless, it hits him.  Let's just say I feel bad for the parking lot.  No hockey game for the boys.
  • Friday, 10:15pm - The last child throws up, yea!  Of course I didn't know that at the time - would have made the night less stressful if I had, but it was great because...
  • Friday, 10:30pm - No need to call anyone, it hits me.  Although I still maintain that I did NOT get sick, it was simply sympathy nausea that turned into sympathy throw ups.  Ha ha!

Oh my goodness, I've heard of a house full of sick kids, but I had never experienced it!  Insane!  Although honestly, I felt the worst for DB.  Good thing is that while this virus was powerful, but only lasted about 12 hours, then recovery began.  DB was able to salvage the weekend with a posh movie experience and a trip to the beach, and I was allowed to recover with much assistance from Kristen and Omi... they are saints, which is apparently why the virus didn't attack them ;)  Although that doesn't explain why both Sherry and Rachel got it, because in my book they deserve gold stars too.

Had to record this in my "baby book"!  A memory I'm sure to remind the kids of when they're older :)

Our sickness set up... carpet covered, bucket and paper towels ready... bring it on!
I love that Samuel is holding court with Chicka chicka boom boom :)  Ha!

Um, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or what?!
I have no idea how this "garage" is standing, but I fear for the trash truck!
Kristen built this with the kiddos, and Omi and I stared at it in amazement for what seemed like hours before someone finally knocked it down :)

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