Monday, January 2, 2012

Year End Benture

We spent the last day in 2011 doing one of our favorite things... on a Benture!  This was a new one, we've spent plenty of days at Hunting Island, but this time we strolled down a back path for about 25 minutes rather than just parking near the sand.  It was a beautiful day!

 Someone is excited about our adventure!

 DB offered to push... BB did not object :)
Due to the season, our walk was not only full of laughing and thorough inspection of our surroundings, but sporadic Christmas songs from the kids. 

 Love that Samuel swagger!  The faster he moves, the better the swag :)
Feeling a bit better, he was able to come off his oxygen for about 30 minutes, yea!

 DB's at it again!  Look familiar?

 Late afternoon at the beach makes for excellent shadows.

 Bird impersonations :)

 Really?!  Acting like birds?  Ha ha :)

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