Sunday, January 8, 2012

Visit from Mo and Do

As usual, it was great to have BB's parents in town!  They came for 10 days of Christmas :)  We are spoiled to have DB's mom living near by, and it makes me so happy when we can have my parents here, too.  It's also been fun to see how quickly they warm right up to Mo and Do (almost immediately)!  Through skype we've managed to get in some good face time, and the kids are older now and just remember more :) 

The house they were staying in (which is so incredible!  Great story of wonderfully kind and friendly people) is only a few blocks from us.  I had a morning with my mother, and there were a few mornings Mo and Do went for an exercise, but for the most part they were fixtures at our house during their visit.  It was great!  They were able to go to Samuel's school one day, check out all the kiddos weekly therapies, and had lots of down time to just be with the kids.  It was wonderful.

A few of the fun photos :)

One from Samuel's school...
on the day they opened some Christmas presents :)

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