Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where to start?!

Where to start?!  It's been entirely too long since I've blogged, and not for lack of material, our house has been just as crazy and wonderful as ever!  I'm not sure why... I think it might be a combination of things... or maybe I just needed some good sit-on-the-couch time :)

I've had a lot of ups and downs lately, kids health is fine, I'm talking emotionally.  And, I think I'm having a tough time organizing my thoughts.  I know, sounds silly, this is the healthiest and I'm pretty sure happiest my kids have ever been, which of course also means DB and I are thrilled!  Maybe I've just had more time to think?  Maybe more specifically to reflect?  Sometimes when things get really busy or overwhelming you just go, you just do... so maybe now that things are a little more predictable my brain is in overdrive.  I don't know, it's a theory.

Don't get me wrong, we're still busy :)  Of course weekends are fun, but now we're on a much better daily afternoon schedule so I get more time with the kids.  In addition to outside play and visiting Omi at her office, we also run errands together (all four of us), at least three times per week (Julie, do you love it?!).  Their favorite is the grocery store due to it's race car themed carts, in fact we've had a tantrum or two when we pass it and don't have time to stop.  Hilarious! I love the smiles I get as folks pass my cart filled with three kids, and of course the comments about what a crazy parent I must be to take three 3-year olds to the store :)  I guess it's all a matter of perception, a little over a year ago I craved the day I could take Samuel to the store without oxygen and fear of someone touching on him.  So, three babies with no oxygen seems manageable... most of the time.

My other theory is along the same lines of my brain being in overdrive, but stems from Samuel's new schools.  The last month has been incredible!  The timing of switching to the new programs was lined up for exactly when Samuel was ready - amazing.  He is doing so much!!  Talking more, babbling, making choices, following directions, and even biting into crunchy foods!  Of course, the food is crunched then spit out immediately, but hey, it's huge progress!  All of this has my brain whirling... what else is out there that he's ready for?!  How do I incorporate some new things that are working at school into our home routine?  And of course the ongoing question, are we doing everything we can?  That answer never quite feels like 100% yes... sigh... is that a normal parent feeling?

That's my babble for today... it's where I am, it's how I'm feeling, it's part of our story.

Another part of our story is being outside!  A few photos from a park visit a few weeks ago... okay, maybe a few months.  Man, I'm behind!

 Daddy and George trying to take a photo together :)

 Omi and Samuel taking a stroll.

Mommy and Olivia shooting the breeze.

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Proud Mum said...

Reflections and questioning...I know how this feels...Glad to see all is well...