Thursday, March 29, 2012

Movie #2!

Spring is here, and so is the March of Dimes!  YEA!  Our family of five is walking again this year, and would love your support.  We have big goals and a really short timeline, the last few weeks have been a little, um, busy :)  But with your help, I know we can do this!

Actually, this is an excellent day for the Byrne Family... it's been exactly two years since Samuel came home to stay!  Unbelievable!  So, while it's a lot late to start fundraising, there couldn't be a better time to talk about what the March of Dimes means for our family...

Three years ago our eyes were opened to a world we knew nothing about.  We became parents!  There is nothing like it!  Our eyes were also opened to the world of premature babies.  Again, there is nothing like it.

A picture is definitely worth 1,000 words!  Please click here to watch our new video.  What a ride it's been!

Our NICU story is still posted too... you can watch last year's video by clicking here :)

As you know, our family has had our share of hurdles (and miracles!).  The March of Dimes does many things for babies, just a piece of that is research about the causes of premature births and treatment for babies who are born too early.  Just one piece of that research is medical advances for premature lungs, which is one of the main reasons our babies are still with us... and doing so well!

As you might imagine, this is more than a fundraiser for us.  This is a chance to give back to the organization that made a difference in our lives.  We truly hope you will consider one or more of the following:

  • Make a donation!  Click on the link on the right side of this page, or here.
  • Join us to walk!  Regardless of what you're able to give, please come march with us!  Our team t-shirts are blue tie-die :)
  • Join our team fundraising efforts!  Join The Early Birds in raising money for babies!  (From the link above, you can also Join Our Team and create your own personal fundraising page.)
  • Forward this to others!  Please send out our youtube and fundraising page to others!

Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small, and often very sick.  We are walking in March for Babies because we want to do something about this.  The money we raise will go directly to programs and research... $.93 of every dollar to be exact.  It will also help to decrease the changes another baby will have to be in the hospital for 14 months, away from his family, like Samuel.  Please join us.

Thank you for the support you have already shown our family!  The loving thoughts, prayers, and words from our family, our friends, and our community lifted us up during some very down times.  Olivia, George, and Samuel are more special than we ever could have imagined.  We absolutely love being parents!

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