Friday, June 29, 2012

Brushing With Chocolate

This may not be your typical way to eat chocolate, or the typical way to use a toothbrush, but check out Samuel... brushing his teeth with chocolate syrup!  This is awesome!!!

Why, you ask, would I put chocolate syrup on a toothbrush?  Well, I've noticed that as much as Samuel still has oral aversions to eating food or even putting a spoon in this mouth, every night he lets me brush his teeth with toothpaste. It's taken some work to get where to we are, both putting the toothbrush in his mouth and adding the toothpaste were a big deal, but for a while now he's been in this routine.  So, I decided to try something... a new toothbrush for meal time, which I can cover in anything from chocolate syrup, to ranch dressing, to pickle juice.  Our first attempt was the chocolate syrup... so far, so good.  Fingers crossed it keeps working!

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Proud Mum said...

He looks terrific!!!!