Sunday, June 10, 2012

The End of a Wonderful Chapter

Hard to believe... our first school year is over!  Oh my.  I just can't wrap my head around the fact that it's been an entire school year already.

The last post showed some of the dramatic changes in my three kiddos since their birth... but to be honest, the change between the first day of school and now nine months later, is almost just as shocking.  Obviously not as dramatic, but when you consider the small amount of time that has passed, it's pretty incredible.  Especially Samuel!

The first day of school last fall, here.  Samuel's second first day, when he transitioned to his new local program at the beginning of February of this year, here.

End of the school year, below...
Family photo :)

One of George and Olivia's main teachers, "Ms. D", who always greeted the children with enthusiasm and was ready for hugs first thing in the morning... on the good days, and even on the couple days the kids just wanted to run back to the car, ha!  We felt so lucky to have such a great team of folks at LBS, both for G and O but also for Samuel's afternoons.

"Ms. C" was the lead teacher in Samuel's morning class.  He absolutely loved it!  His teachers, his friends, and just being there... if I couldn't get a morning smile, I knew I would see one when we walked into the school building :)  Again, another excellent team of people and two incredibly thankful parents.  Plus, he gets to stay with these same teachers for at least another year!

One photo I don't have to post is of Samuel and "T", his friend from fourth grade.  He loves her!  It is a really neat program at the school where they match the older kids at the school with the kids in Samuel's class.  I tell you what, she would sometimes be there in the mornings to say hello when we arrived, and the second he saw her I was practically chopped liver.  It was so great to see my boy both being cared about in such a sweet sincere way, and also expressing his emotions and feelings of friendship.  

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