Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo Catch Up

Whew!  I'm almost caught up with blogs!  I know I got in a lot of what we've done the last few weeks, but I have a goal for July... to post more of the funny/little moments as they happen.  When I don't post often, I end up remembering the big stuff, but the small stuff is some of the best.  So, goal for July, post as things happen... wish me luck.

Some great photos I haven't posted yet...

Happy Father's Day, DB!  The kids enjoyed it as much as he did :)

Handsome boys

Happy Haircut, Olivia!  
Luckily she got to watch me go first, so she didn't cry this time :)
Olivia was so excited, but so nervous... maybe if her mother went more than twice per year she'd be more comfortable with it?!  

Love this child!

I love my new hair cut!
And then she pretended to be Ms. Amy for the next two days and gave all of us numerous hair cuts (and pretend lollipops when we did well).

Just Because

Go figure, Olivia was the most brave the day we were swarmed by fiddler crabs!

This I have seen before...

... but THIS was impressive!

Run like the wind, Olivia!

A few of our favorite things...

Building tall, tall towers... and then knocking them down :)

Cooking!  We "eat" at least eight meals per day... many of them consisting of "cupcakes"!

Reading, maybe even more now that they're retelling what happens on each page.

Texting!  Uh oh.

Drawing... this photo is from a while back, but it was the first face (that actually looks like a face) that I had ever seen my kiddos draw.  So cool!

And of course, reading again :)

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