Monday, November 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last month, in October, we visited the Pumpkin Patch! My only excuse for not posting sooner is that our friend Josh took too many good photos - narrowing them down was ridiculous. Thanks Josh :)

Besides fun photos, the Pumpkin Patch was another first for our family of five... it was the first time, EVER, that DB and I packed up all three kids and drove out of our driveway together. We even had to get a third car seat :) We had three infant/baby seats, but there was never a time we used them all at the same time. And now, all of my "babies" are too big for them! A friend gave us her two toddler seats and they've worked perfectly because in the past we have either taken George and Olivia OR Samuel. Not this day!

Olivia and I went to pick out the 3rd seat the day before our adventure - turns out it was a bad idea to let her sample the seats. When I had chosen the seat and it was time to get back in the cart, she threw her first in-store temper tantrum. It was a doozey! I tried to keep shopping, thinking the crying and screaming would stop, but I was wrong. Of course, as soon as we left the fit was over... such a stinker. I just hope the other parents in the store didn't think I was terrible - I was holding back laughter the entire time she was throwing the fit... partially nervous laughter, and partially because I was impressed with her determination :)

On the other hand, when we got to the Pumpkin Patch, I was hugely grateful it was not just the five of us! Ha ha! These babies are crazy! Having Omi, Kristen, Josh, and Rachel to help chase them and pose them was awesome.

The family :) I love the black and white - I feel like things appear so calm this way. Not really sure why :)

No worries, Olivia's got this one!

Of course, George couldn't let his sister get the biggest pumpkin :)

Samuel loved being at the pumpkin patch! He didn't even mind sitting on the hay - such a good sport.

Of all the photos of the three babies, this was probably the best :) Ha ha! Poses didn't go so well this day!

Mama and Samuel

Olivia was very focused on her punkins... correct, there is no "m" in punkin :)

Daddy and George

Kiss for Samuel :)

Mom, seriously, enough posing with pumpkins...

George made sure to inspect every single one :)

Olivia made sure to toss every single one... above, she is demonstrating the underhand approach...

... I'm not sure what approach this is :)
We ended up purchasing our Halloween pumpkins that day, and made sure to choose a few that had been the favorites to toss!

There's my Olivia's smile!
Everyone loved the hay rides!

Daddy and Samuel on the hay ride :)

George was in heaven on the hay ride! The boy loves trucks, and he was fascinated with the one pulling us along.

Even Samuel's chair had a good day :)

Even at the end of the day they were trying their best to put on a smile for the camera :)

As I said, Samuel loved getting out of the house :)

George made sure to stop and smell the flowers :)

George and Olivia petting one of the horses. Great outing topped off with horses, pigs, and goats!

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