Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall Weekend Fun

Fall has only been going on for about a month or so, but we have had a lot of little moments that make DB and me laugh and feel even more thankful for our munchkins :)

Olivia's First Curlers
 Ever since she saw the cheerleaders at our school with curlers in their hair the evening before a big competition, Olivia has wanted to try this!  She was psyched, and told George it would be okay when he suggested she might have a hard time sleeping with them in.  Granted, I did leave the back down, which was especially awesome when the curlers actually worked!

LOVING my curls!!

 Of course, this little girl has thick, wonderful hair... that doesn't hold a curl at all.  Oh well!  Check out the waves!

Outside, it's the place for me!
 Samuel is finally starting to branch out from the swings!  Granted, he gets mad at me every time I make him try :)  But, he's becoming less irritated with me as he discovers new things like this bridge that hangs and moves with your steps.

 The sun sets early now with daylight savings... but we get to see some awesome sunsets on our way home from the park!

 No, Olivia is not actually pushing Samuel (how cool would that be?!)... Samuel is pushing himself for the most part!  I'm still working on getting him to push with his legs, but those arms can crank that bike!  All three love riding!

 Back to the park!  I love this picture... look familiar?  (Click here)  (Here's the post)

 George is all over the place!  It's amazing how quickly they're climbing up these things, running around, and sliding back down - all before you realize they've gone for it, ha!

Everybody loves the swings!  

MS Fundraiser
One of our friends had a neat cook out combined with old cars and a firetruck to raise money for the MS Society... we went to have lunch, and ended up having a great little adventure!

Don't worry, I do understand the edict of checking out these cards, and was vigilant about reminding the kids not to touch, sneeze, or trip into anything!  But how cool was this, one of the guys asked if the kids would like to sit in the car!  They even got to honk the horn and touch everything... it was so cool.  And I was so terrified they would break something, ha!

George was definitely the most excited about all the cars, and especially the chance to ride in one :)

The whole crew!

Touching everything - agh!

Cheese :)

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