Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a Doctor for Teeth

There is nothing I would have rather done with my Friday morning than take three 3-year olds to their first dentist appointment.  Ha!  The great news is that in the end, all went well :)  This was thanks to Omi for joining us (four hands can be SO much better than two when it comes to things like this) and of course the Dentist.  Or, as the kids refer to him, the doctor for teeth.  

He was amazing!!!  Neither George or Olivia cried, and even though Samuel didn't like the idea of having his teeth polished, the dentist managed to clean every single one without him gagging.  I was floored!!!  I knew he specialized in pediatrics, but still, I was definitely worried about someone trying to inspect Samuel's mouth.  This was just a great visit!  Plus, our teeth look great (which I also was not expecting, partially just due to being preemies), and no cavities, yea!!

George after a good teeth cleaning... come on George, show me those pearly whites! 

 That's better :)

 Olivia mid-cleaning... and yes, that is a tiara on her head.  I figured some battles just aren't worth fighting, plus, if a tiara makes going to the dentist easier, then awesome!

 Look mom, clean teeth!

I had to help a little bit with Samuel, and when he was finished he surely wasn't getting back in the chair ;)  But look, he's not running from it either, hooray!

The kids are so proud, and showing everyone their clean, pearly, shiny teeth.  Love it!

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