Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breathing and Broccoli

Nope, no relation between breathing and broccoli... wouldn't that be an awesome discovery! It's just hard to show photos of breathing :)  Ha!  Ironic since it's not hard to show photos of difficulty breathing... but moving on.

Samuel has a cold and has needed a few breathing treatments the last couple days... why is this news you ask?  Well, besides the obvious fact that he has a cold and is managing it without serious interventions, there is other news :)  I'm not sure it's really news, or maybe just a great lead-in, ha!  For nearly a month now, Samuel has been off of his respiratory meds!  Entirely!  No steroids, at all, first time ever!  This is insane!

I actually wonder if Samuel's pulmonologist comes into our appointments sometimes thinking, can't wait to shock her with this one!  I love that man, he is just awesome.  And once again, he scared me to death.  Sheesh!  Fingers are definitely crossed, but so far, so good.  Winter is terrifying anyway when you have a kid who has difficulty breathing, so med changes make me even more nervous.  But, I've said it before, our docs are excellent and I trust them - so, here we go!  

On to the broccoli...

 Look mom, no hands!

 Extreme close-up!

Yep, here's one of the reasons I love this series of photos... actual proof the Samuel does lick food!

The photos are a bit old, Samuel hasn't been in a highchair for months, and it's certainly not sundress weather anymore, but I love them and have quite a backlog since my hiatus from the blog during swim season.  More photos to come! 

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