Sunday, May 17, 2009

Light and Fluffy

After a rough week, it's time for some "light and fluffy" stuff :) We can't forget all the fun, sometimes more fun-ny, stuff that's happening too!!!

Olivia's first dress! She looks like such a little girl!! We're more of a onesie-and-socks type of family, so it was fun to get dressed up :) The occasion? I was waiting for an occasion, and meanwhile she was going to grow right out of this dress without ever wearing it! ha ha!

Winking at her favorite cousin, Maddy :)

Poop shooter. Yep, we had our first poo that literally shot out! I've heard stories, but we hadn't experienced it until today :) Mom wasn't quick enough with diaper and the changing table paid the price! And from such a cute little boy...

Oh wait... now do you believe it?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear is officially Samuel's favorite book! He loves looking at the Red Bird, the Yellow Duck, and the White Dog the most. It is absolutely incredible to watch him "read" this book!!!

Weight checks - we are officially getting some chunky monkeys! Finally! Samuel is 5-lbs 13 oz, George is 8-lbs 4 oz, and Olivia is our big girl at 8-lbs 13 oz! G & O have both outgrown most of their preemie clothes, and all three are out of preemie diapers!

The dress AND the cute jumper are newborn sizes :)

DB and I have officially each exercised at least once since G & O came home! I've gotten in a couple of swims (ouch!) and DB some bike and treadmill (gotta get ready in case there's a surf opportunity!).

Both Olivia and George went almost an entire day without their monitors on!!! Of course, Olivia refluxed, dropped her heart rate, and turned a tad blue this morning... but we'll go back to focusing on yesterday when they didn't need them :) (I think I've mentioned it, but they are both on monitors that go off if they either stop breathing or their heart rates drop too low. Kind of a pain, but GREAT for peace of mind when sleeping!)

The stroller is starting to get some good use and we get more and more comfortable taking them out and about for walks! The dogs couldn't be happier! Not quite back to our pre-pregnancy two walks a day, but we went at least a handful of times this week :)
Scout and Olivia after a good walk :)

DB and I went to Charleston together for the first time since O & G came home a month ago! Omi and Aunt Nancy watched the babies and we took the 6-hour trip together! Funny, we're both used to turning up the music and cruising... but this time we had to compromise on the type of music we listened to :) It was really nice to be together on this visit... we met with Samuel's doc's for probably 45 minutes!
Getting better every day! These are the photos I hate taking... but good to have for when he's older :)

BTW - Samuel is doing well! He is very stable at this point, which was not the case a week ago, and he looks SO much better! Samuel is responding well to the sedation and the morphine, so now that he is resting peacefully, we are talking options to get his lungs to heal. There are lots of ongoing meds and tests, but in regards to why he crashed they are also following a recommendation from endocrinology regarding his cortisol... and it seems to be working! In short, due to the high doses of the very potent steroid he was taking before, his adrenal gland appears to think it does not need to produce it's own cortisol, which we all need, especially in stressful times. So, we are looking at a 10-week slow weening dose of hydrocortisone - which is 25-80 times less potent than the other steroid he was on so less side effects! As I mentioned, there are other things we're always looking at - glucose, potassium, calcium, diuretics, heart, head, inhaled steroids, and especially nutrition.
We appear to be headed in the right direction! He even gets to have his music, mobile, and physical and occupational therapies back! YEA! The best news - I just got word that he is stable enough for us to hold him!!!! Tricky with the ventilator, but SO worth it!!!

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Meredith, Victoria and Vaughn said...

amanda took the twins off her phone and put the pic of G and O on .... gotta tell ya i wasn't a happy momma/sister ---- BUT i will admit they do look too cute!!!! HOWEVER she better get the twins back on there fast .... what kind of Godmother is she haha!
so happy to hear S is doing better .. i will pray each day brings him a little closer to home:-)