Sunday, October 18, 2009

George News

George has had an excellent month! He is such a funny baby... he's our serious guy, but he also loves to laugh, which sounds more like grunting... which of course cracks us up... which then cracks him up. What a fun cycle it is - and hysterical for any onlooker :)

George still loves to play in the "ocean" (floor mat), but he also enjoys rolling... all over the place. We're getting to the point where you walk to the kitchen to grab him some food, and when you get back he may not be in the same place you left him! Although, he generally rolls towards Olivia, or right on top of her, so he's pretty easy to find :) George is loving his toes these days! Needless to say, socks don't last very long - he thinks its great fun to pull them off and chew on them. Ha ha! So much for those chew toys we bought him! (Oops... I guess you call them teething toys when they're for babies. No wonder the dogs are confused!)

I also love baths...

... and these ten little things that wiggle!

George does still have a few hurdles to clear... both of them dealing with his heart. One is an open PDA, which is the ductus that generally closes when babies take their first breath. (Olivia's was open but closed with medicine, and Samuel's was open but was closed with surgery.) George's PDA appeared to be closed, but re-opened when we came home. The second is an ASD, which is a hole between the left and right atrium of the heart. Since he's bigger now, both the PDA and the ASD can be closed in the Cath Lab (by catheter versus having the more invasive surgery that Samuel had), but as long as his pulmonary pressure is acceptable, we will wait to have them closed. We will wait because even in the cath lab there are risks, mainly possible damage to the arteries... so, the bigger he is, the bigger the arteries are, and the lower the risk of damage. Also, there is still a chance that one, or both, could close on their own... so as long as the pulmonary pressure is okay, we will let George do his thing :) The down side to waiting is that while both the PDA and the ASD are open, George has to work a lot harder to do everyday things... to eat, to move around, etc. Poor kid.


No, wait! I'm ready to play again! And yes, only real men can sit in pink :)

I'm rockin' occupational therapy! Come here block!

Reading with my sister... her idea...

Wrestling with my sister... my idea!

Just being my cute self... nothing better than a towel snuggle after bath time.

George has teeth!

They started to come out back in August...

Now they're full blown teeth!

All the better to eat my cereal with!

But green beans are so much more fun :)

Time for another snooze :)


JKL said...

I love all the pictures! your little ones are adorable. I hope we can meet them someday soon!

Elizabeth said...

So happy to see the recent posts. We always get a little concerned when there is nothing there for a while. Everyone looks GREAT and HAPPY!! Starting to plan the spring trip - can't wait to see you all!!

Terri Ann said...

It has been great seeing you at church and reading about all the progress.

Take care and keep posting. I know it if hard keeping with the post, but know we love them and love seeing the pictures