Saturday, October 24, 2009

Olivia News

Olivia is still cruisin' right along! Since coming home, she has continued to flourish. Olivia is such a happy baby girl... she's never met a stranger! Although I'm pretty sure that by age 10 her dad will have her convinced that all boys that aren't related to her are evil and should be avoided :)

That's me - growing by the day!

And, of course, cuter by the day :)

Not gonna lie though - all this pink is enough to make anyone just a little crazy ;) But mom loves it, so I just keep smiling!

Olivia is smiling... but she's also making the best cooing and funny tongue noises, rolling over, reaching for toys, looking for her brother, eating baby food, wrapping her dad even tighter around that little pinkie, and even sitting up. Although, the sitting is still a little unstable - we had our first clunk when she fell backward the other day. Talk about mommy guilt! But, she's fine :) From what I hear, the clunks will only get bigger as she gets older!

The tub always makes me smile!

And so does the after-tub towel wrap :)

Hmmm... is this "Geroge, check this out!" or "George, give me that!" ha ha!

I love to sit! Mom and dad love the look I get when I'm concentrating :)

My first cereal - yum!

Whew - this is tough work! No holding the bottle yet - I just like to be fed :)

Olivia has teeth!
I love this series :)

Ooooh - I like the camera! I think I can reach it...

...wait a second, YOU are reaching for ME?

Oh, you want to see my teeth? Here they are!

Silly! Why didn't you just say so!

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Rikki said...

I cannot get over how cute the kids are! They are adorable. I see a lot of both of you, in each of them. Love and Hugs from Illinois,