Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Home

In the midst of all the craziness, we also have a new home! Nothing like filling your plate :) Although, is there ever really an ideal time to move?! What a pain. But, SO worth it! We love our new home!!

We have known for a while that our old home probably wasn't the best fit for triplets, especially when one will come home on a ventilator, but we procrastinated. I love our old house! Downtown living, including walking distance to the waterfront, restaurants, shops, parks, etc... in a great, funky neighborhood. The kind of neighborhood where everyone knows each other and stops to chat, and our cute yard that we (mostly DB) put so much time into. It was hard to leave! (Speaking of which, it's for sale if you know of anyone interested :) )

Our new house is so right for our family! It's the same square footage, but it's a ranch-style, single level house... one less room, but more space in the places we need it. Plus, it's got a huge yard - which our dogs are happy about :) The neighborhood is very kid friendly, and it turns out everyone here stops to chat too - yea! Plus, while there aren't the same downtown attractions, the school where we both work is literally a few blocks away. DB has even been able to ride his bike a couple times :)

We were able to put in some time, and even though there are still many boxes to be unpacked, our new home is very Samuel-friendly. Whenever he is ready, so are we! The back of the house had to essentially be replaced, new roof, new floors, new paint (after mold prevention treatments), ducts cleaned, popcorn ceilings scraped and small repairs made... once again, a pain but so worth it!

January 2nd was moving day, and helping hands made our load so much lighter. (Before the move a few friends and family helped a ton by cleaning the new house!) Moving with babies and coordinating the daily hospital trips is tough! At 9am on moving day four friends showed up with the church trailers... and by 10am every piece of furniture, and every box that was ready to go, was out of the house. It was a whirlwind!! Our church exudes the definition of church family - this day is just one more example on a very long list. More friends and family came over to take care of George and Olivia so DB and I could really focus on the move... and we slept in the new house that night. I have to say, I'm impressed :)

Thank you! The friends who moved all the furniture in a single bound! And yes, the superman reference was intentional :)

Our old house... sweet downtown living. Actually, I think this photo is from when we moved in! There's now a great, cute, storage shed at the end of the driveway, a picket fence around the back yard, rocking chairs on the front porch, and DB's green thumb influence on the yard. Thank you for being such a great first house for us!

Our new amazing family home! No, the house isn't tiny... the yard is huge! So perfect for kids and dogs and husbands who would give anything to need a riding lawnmower. We also have a great open lot next to us - the more trees, the better! We are so excited to raise our family here :) Omi, thank you for your encouragement, your support, and your vision for our family!

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