Friday, January 15, 2010

A Rainbow

I have one of those daily quote calendars that my aunt gave to me when I was a teenager... it's literally called Thoughts for Teens, Taking it to Heart. Yes, I still have it :) And I love it!!!

That said, go figure that when we moved to the PICU the quote of the day was "There is a rainbow after every storm." I realize that seems very simple, but when you need a rainbow every second you wait seems to take 10. Two days later, we got our rainbow. Samuel took his first field trip! His first trip out of the unit that wasn't for a medical procedure! His first fun trip to see the sites :) We have talked about this trip before, but every time it would come up there was a reason not to... either an upcoming procedure and we couldn't risk exposure to germs, or a rough day with recovery time required. But not today! The attending doctor highly recommended Samuel start to get out and see the world a bit, and Samuel was ready. I love rainbows and this one was absolutely beautiful!

Road Trip!

Loading up in the wagon... might as well get the "Oh My Gosh He Is So Cute" out of the way now :) I think I said it 100 times that day!

Nurse - check! Respiratory Therapist - check! Ventilator - check! Here we go...

After a quick visit to the front desk of the NICU, and a chance to say hello to my old friends, it's time for my first elevator ride...

Hey, it's Puffy! Dad always tells me about his best buddy, Puffy the blow fish, and now I get to see him for myself!

The fish tank was quite spectacular... Samuel couldn't look away :)

Don't be nervous mom! (I was shaking the entire time!)

Meanwhile, back at home...


Lindsey said...

wow bethany! what a whirlwind month you guys have had. from george's surgery, samuel's move (not being home:( ) and his first road trip! glad you had a rainbow and thankful george's surgery went so well. they are all three amazingly wonderful! would love to meet them in person one day!

Rikki said...

Why does it not surprise me AT ALL that you have a calendar from the early 90's? ;)

Glad to see Samuel up and about. He is such a stinkin' cutie. You can see the amazement on his face as he is looking at the fish.

Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop B, it is awesome to see your family.

Love ya!

Laurie said...

Bethany, Samuel looks great! You're right, he is so darn cute - especially love the look on his face as he's looking at the fish tank!!

Sorry I haven't returned your call; I just got a new battery a week or two ago for my phone and went through all my messages. It's been hectic (you know the drill). I'm reading your blog to catch up on you guys.

Kelly said...


Seeing Samuel go on his 1st road trip brought tears to my eyes!!! It's amazing the things we all take for granted on a daily basis. Seeing the world through Samuel's eyes (and George and Olivia's) will be a wonderful reminder to stop and enjoy all the beautiful things around you.

He's getting closer and closer to coming home! And what a great new family home to come home to!