Friday, January 22, 2010

Rewind - Mo and Do!

Needless to say, but we've been a bit busy, and I have some catching up to do! This will be the first of a few "rewind" posts :)

Christmas - before, during, and after - were amazing! One of the highlights was a visit from BB's parents... just a few photos from their visit, which was over entirely too early. In fact, towards the end of their visit I realized we had been having too much fun to take a lot of photos which, lately, is very not me. But, I'm pretty sure these show the mutual adoration :)

Not sure who is happier, Olivia or GrandMo :)

George hangin' with GrandDo.

Wait! We want to come with you!

Babies, babies, everywhere!

A tickle from GrandMo :)

My, what big fingers you have!

GrandMo and GrandDo got to visit Samuel together, but these photos are from the day Mo and I went... Samuel was such a ham! (He was still in the NICU when these were taken.)

Hi guys!

This used to be my favorite toy...

(Not sure when, if ever, he will realize that is NOT a toy!)

... but this one is way better! A Christmas present from my dad :)

I may be cute...

... there's no maybe, I'm definitely cute...

... but you guys are hysterical! Kick, kick, kick those feet, feet, feet!

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