Monday, February 22, 2010

Magical #392?

Tomorrow is Day of Life 392... and tomorrow, Samuel might come home!

There, I said it. This is the closest we have ever come to one of our Come Home dates. Awesome, and completely surreal. Not sure I care to count the number of times I've gotten teary today... hope, joy, anticipation, worried, nervous, happy... you name it, I've felt it. But mostly, we are so excited!!!! I haven't been able to sit still... some of my to-do list is rational, some is not :) There are so many thoughts running through my head that I'm having a hard time putting together a coherent post!

If all goes well between now and then, we will be leaving the hospital tomorrow in our chariot (an ambulance) to head home. Agh!!!

There's no way to put our gratitude for all of the nurses, doc, RT's, residents, etc., into words... I'll have to save that for another time. They mean the world to us! Like I said, teary too many times today.

Our hopes are high!

A few more more fun pics of our Room In weekend...

I love my bear!

Well hi! Samuel likes to wriggle himself right down into the middle of his boppee.

Lookin' cute :)

We will definitely miss the Atrium! Instruments and dinosaurs are two of our favorites!

Dinosaur invasion!

Look dad, I can do it too!


Kelly said...

So, so, so happy for y'all!!!

PRentz said...

Happy Happy Day! We continue to pray for you all! This is so exciting! Go God!
Pam and Tim

The Buchanan Family said...

How exciting!

Ariel said...

Hello Byrne Family! I have been reading your blog for over a year and found myself in tears this morning while reading that Samuel will get to come home tomorrow. My family has prayed for your little ones many times. My babies were all preemies. I don't know the stress and heartache of having two at home and one still in the hospital for so long,but I think you are amazing in your ability to juggle it all. I can't wait to hear how he is doing at home!
God Bless,

Frances said...

HI! I work with Rikki and have been following your blog for a long long time. I must say this entry brought tears to my eyes (as did so many others). I am SO happy for your little bunch!!! I will continue to root for you guys! You two are doing such an amazing job!

-Frances :-)

Lindsey said...

we are so excited for you and also so amazed at the same time. when i read your post about you rooming in, i was crying. even thinking that was samuel's first time outside. God's grace and strength are so evident in your lives. i am encouraged. you are both amazing. praying for you all as samuel comes home to his family. much love.

Jessica U said...

Josh and I are so excited for you guys!! We're praying!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it will be to have everyone home!!! We continue to pray for y'all.

Chris and Amanda said...

As many others on here, I've been following your blog for awhile... everytime I read it, it makes me get teary eyed. I am so truly happy for you! This is awesome news! Keep up the great work and know you've got tons of people praying and thinking of you on a daily basis!