Sunday, February 14, 2010


It does not snow where we live... or at least, not usually! I suppose that's par for the course... there is NO usual anymore :) What fun it was - just enough snow to enjoy, but not enough to cause any chaos.

That night... wasn't sure it would stick, had to have proof just in case...

The next morning! It did stick! And for a good part of the day - fun! Not sure the babies realized the snow wasn't there the day before, but the commentary we created for them suggested they were overjoyed with their first snow :)

Posing with dad... and Scout, who loved it!

Posing with mom... and Belle, who was interested but did not appreciate the wet paws.

*The night it snowed (Friday night), our power flickered off a few times... which of course brought up the conversation of what to do if we lose power when Samuel is home. Good thing we have a giant 24-hour back-up oxygen tank, and a few mini tanks, in our living room! ha ha! Nope, no normal anymore :)

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