Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Movin' on up

Olivia has been pulling herself up to stand. She does this next to the couch, the fireplace, the footstool, me, dad, you name it - if she can reach it, she wants to pull up and stand. But today was a first... when we went in with our good morning hello, she pulled up and stood in her crib! Agh! It was so cute!!!

We've also got George going full speed ahead :) He's not interested in pulling his belly off the floor to crawl yet, but he has perfected the commando crawl. In fact, he has a high gear, speedy commando crawl that is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Olivia still flies right by him, but he certainly gets style points.

And Samuel is moving right along too! Not crawling yet, that might take a while, but in regards to his respiratory status. Not putting any details in writing yet, but we are four days away from three weeks without an event. YEA!

Sad - I have absolutely no pictures of the things I mentioned above... I've been a little slack with the camera. So, these are just some really cute ones :)

Beautiful even when she's serious :)

Samuel loves to smile until the camera comes out... then it's mostly just sticking out his tongue!

Dad and George - two peas in a pod.


Best buds... I didn't even have to pose this one, they've been playing like this a lot lately.

High five!

Cutie with a mohawk.

Some things haven't changed... have toys, will travel. Also quite funny, this is Olivia's can-I-play-with-this face accompanied by the one-finger touch. This is also the general reaction around electrical outlets and the oxygen tanks :)

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