Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

Right around their first birthday, George and Olivia took a huge step... separate cribs! They seemed a little unsure at first, but after a few nights, and the addition of a night light, they seem to be fully adjusted :)

Hard to believe they've outgrown their co-bedding arrangement. The night we brought them home, George and Olivia shared a cradle... until they outgrew it, and then moved to a crib. Even when they probably technically outgrew sharing a crib, we just couldn't do it... there's nothing quite as precious as seeing two of your babies cuddled together! The mornings were the best - you look over the crib and two little faces, who have been chatting and playing together, smile up at you. Another joy of multiples :)

Then came waking up too early because Olivia rolled onto George, or George woke up babbling and bothered Olivia. Waking up earlier than necessary - not okay! So, separate cribs it is. And, better sleep too, for everybody... we'll take it!

Another moment of holy cow reality... we currently have 3 cribs set up in our house! Ha ha!

Then... in an infant cradle...

Their first night at home :)

Now... in a full size crib...

No, I wasn't bothering George... why do you ask?

Singing and playing :)


Yes, three cribs set up... we continue to prepare for Samuel to come home :) Speaking of sleeping arrangements, Samuel is enjoying his stay in the PICU! Especially after a few changes made to his diet last week, he seems happy, and comfortable, and doing really well... back to his normal self before the digestive issues and events started. I am NOT going out on a limb again and giving a tentative date, but I will say he is doing extremely well and we are again hopeful that he could come home very soon. Prayers much appreciated :)

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