Saturday, May 1, 2010

No more bottles?

Today was a big day in our house... George and Olivia didn't have a bottle all day! And, it went very smoothly :) Now, tomorrow could easily be a different story... one day they love broccoli and the next they swat at the fork if it gets near them... but we will take a successful first day.

I think babies generally loose their bottles around their first birthday, but our doctor wanted to wait until they were gestationally a year before getting rid of them completely. So, for the last few months they have had a bottle first thing in the morning, followed by three complete meals, and a bottle last thing at night. We worked in a little whole milk here and there, but the bottles were always their high calorie preemie formula. Then came Wednesday... the 15-month doctors appointment, just after their mid-April due date. Thursday and Friday we stopped the morning bottle which was easy - these kids love breakfast! But Saturday night was the big one... they also love their night time, bed time, fall asleep directly after, bottle.

YEA! It went fairly smoothly :) Fingers crossed for tomorrow night!

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PRentz said...

Gone are those days when they had to be fed every three hours???? It was just yesterday, wasn't it? Watch out, they will be in school before long and then turn into teenagers! How exciting!