Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh my cuteness!

I've got major photo catch up to do... these babies have been busy! Busy being absolutely adorable :) Here's a start...

The cutest little puppies that I ever did see!

Mom, we're not puppies! But we do love our new toy... this box is the best! (I suppose deliveries of medical supplies have more then one use.)

George is ALL boy... he has recently started pushing this bus all over the house. Can't lie, it makes me smile every time I hear that little engine rev :)

George is also awfully happy to be walking... not that you could tell from his expressionless face... it's all he wants to do. This was a few weeks ago... now it's hard to get a photo because he's whizzing past!

Omi reading with her grand-boys :)

Dad and Samuel

Love you Samuel... Love you too, dad...

Everything is more fun when dad's around :)

The tickle monster strikes again!

Deep in conversation...

We have figured out how to take all three babies for a walk! Granted, it takes three adults... but it works! One person to push (cousin Kelley), one person to hold the ventilator (DB), and one person to pull the wagon with the suction machine and the emergency bad (that was my job). Whew! But SO worth it!! Go Team :)

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