Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Over The Map

Their world isn't too big yet - about 1,500 square feet - but these babies are exploring every square inch!

Oh the joy of being a multiple!

Back in the box :) Check out their view... dad mowing the lawn... who needs tv?!

Just too cute not to post :)

This has got to be the neatest thing, ever!
George comes from anywhere in the house when that vacuum goes on... he loves to follow it around the house, and generally peeks under the door when it gets put away :)

Olivia can't help but get in on the action... cheeseball.

Tummy time on trach coller! We are up to four hours per day now on the trach coller... and at least a few minutes at a time on the tummy. Samuel hasn't had many opportunities to do much tummy time, so he's got some work to do both on holding himself up and on flexibility in his back and neck.

But when Samuel just can't hold himself up any longer, we've got other fun options for tummy time :)

Flying baby!

Cutie patootie!

Hi Olivia!
Hey mom!

All tuckered out...

Anytime is a good time to read with dad!

Oh my goodness, who's little girl is this? My Olivia is still a baby... not sure who this toddler belongs to...

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Lindsey said...

great pictures! looks like the kids are doing wonderful! maybe we can finally meet them this summer sometime!