Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Movin' and Groovin'

The babies continue to cruise right along! Samuel has been home for 5+ weeks... we are definitely into the groove of having him home :) Olivia and George are into it too - whenever we get back from a doctor appointment they greet Samuel as their brother instead of raising a who-is-that eyebrow. They have even started stealing his toys :) Now we just have to get him stealing theirs...

Olivia stands, but not on purpose. She is so funny! She can completely do it, but not on command - at all. We're pretty sure she purposely won't stand if she knows you're watching :) She has finally started wanting to take a few steps since George is off and running with his shopping cart, but has a death grip on your fingers the entire time. I think our OT calls her gravitationally challenged :) We've been mixing it up, walking on grass and concrete and riding around in a cardboard box (the simple things in life), so hopefully there will be more confidence soon.

Hmmm... what's out there!

On my tiptoes to see what I can see...

Looking out the window AND holding two toys - nice!

Oh, hi mom! Back to holding onto the window :)

George loves to walk with anything he can get his hands on, and stand anywhere he can get a spot. Of course, no photos yet, not sure why, so here is another new thing he loves... eating on a spoon all by himself! Yes, it's yogurt, and it actually sticks to the spoon when you flip it all around, but we are very proud nonetheless.

I seem to have missed my mouth just a little...

... but I'm so proud!

The next day it seemed to go a little smoother... but still just as cute :)

Samuel has become an inchworm! The photos show only part of the story... if he wants to move around, he does it! He pushes his little heels into the ground, pushes his bootie in the air, and off he goes. We have left the room for a minute only to come back to some very interesting resting places :)

This is how we generally find him!

THIS is how he starts out! I actually put him back in this position after I took the first photo... he thought it was hysterical :)

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katyeisert said...

LOVE YOUR POSTS AND SEEING SAM'S SWEET FACE! Let me know when you guys come to clinic- I would love to come over and say hi!!! I am thrilled he is "Movin' and Groovin"!