Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things To Remember

Just a few notes I want to be sure to jot down... come to think of it, I feel like I should do this more often. The "babies" are growing so quickly and their daily quirky things that make us laugh and smile and stare in awe are changing faster than we can get them on video. It's just too much! So, lately...

  • George loves pretending that someone is hiding in his toy pickup truck - usually Rachel or Omi.

  • The new joke is that the type of dinosaur that lives in your diaper is a Poopysauras. (Gee, thanks Dad.)

  • Olivia did 1,000 laps around the house with her new baby stroller, and only stopped because the buzzer rang which meant it was George's turn.

  • Samuel kissed DB and I for the first time :) He always kisses his stuffed animals, but kissing a person - on purpose - was a first! He also kissed Olivia last night :)

  • Olivia and George are speaking in real sentences... we're talking 6-10 words in a row! Plus, they are masters of the prepositions.

  • Samuel is officially cruising on the couch! He can't pull up to standing yet, but once assisted to stand, he can move from one end of the couch to the other.

  • Olivia picked out a skirt and shoes today - and refused to be talked out of them :)

  • George had a meltdown when DB showed him a monster truck video of Grave Digger... he loved it, until it crashed. He had serious concern! DB rewound it and talked about how it got fixed - all better.

  • Olivia told DB "daddy's shirt so cute!" Daddy doesn't wear that shirt anymore. Ha ha!

  • Olivia and George have both taken turns on the big swings and can go down the big slide by themselves.

  • Samuel can push his bus with both hands while kneeling and crawling behind it.

A few catch-up pictures from an early-March-day-at-the-park with Stefanie and Lucas before they moved. Don't worry, Samuel doesn't have a trache again :) These were taken PRE-decannulation!

Big kid swings for Olivia and George!

Samuel loves the park, and can pretty clearly say "outside" :)

Samuel and his best bud, Lucas :)

Lucas does walk - actually, run - but he really loves to play with Samuel. When he noticed Samuel crawling, he didn't hesitate to join right in :) Makes my heart smile!

DB loves the park almost as much as Samuel!

Georgie, where are you?!

Olivia, where are you?!

George and Lucas discussing life, before taking off to RUN!


Supposed to be a cute photo of snack time...

apparently I am not that interesting.

High five Samuel, see you later...
High Five!

Mama, I think Stefanie is about to do something crazy... like move away! Boo.

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