Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Museum Mayhem

BB's parents, known to the kiddos as Mo and Do, came to visit for nearly two weeks... we had the best time!  I just loved hearing the kids ask each morning when Mo and Do were going to be here.  They absolutely loved spending time with their grandparents! 

Lots of reading books, singing songs, playing dress up, and showing off all our tricks, but there were also a few adventures.  One of which being a trip to a Children's Museum...

First, whoever came up with the term Children's Musuem, has been to some VERY different museums than I have.  I think the term Children's Free For All would be better :)  The kids did have a great time, and there were some really neat play areas, but going into this experience I was dilousional about the constant motion and noise level.  Yes, I seriously pictured little children quietly, and thoughtfully, spending time at interactive stations like it shows on the website.  Um, not so much.  In reference a previous post, everyone there could have qualified as "those people".  Ha! 

We did have a blast... there was an incredible art room (will be more fun when we're into doing more than just scribbling on a sheet of paper); a castle with a dungeon and lots of prince, princess, and dragon costumes; a room full of what I refer to as elaborate ski ball ramps with twists and turns and different sized and colors balls; the biggest water table I've ever seen complete with rivers, dams with flow control, and cool rock gardens; a giant pirate ship; a mini grocery store complete with shopping carts, tons of "food", a checkout counter, and a deli counter; and then there was a toddler room.  The toddler room was a haven away from the chaos of the big kids... especially for Samuel.  We didnt' have his walker yet, and he really wants to be independent, which at this time was crawling.  Unfortunatly, it was a tough place for crawlers, but in the toddler area Samuel was free to roam. 

Photos below... not many, I think due to the craziness of the day, the high level of play, play, play, and the focus it took not to loose a child :)  We really did have a great day!  

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