Sunday, August 7, 2011

On His Own Two Feet

Samuel continues to gain more and more independence!  This past Thursday we got a loaner walker... and he loves it. 

Samuel's walker has been ordered, but they take a while to go through the approval process (seriously?!).  We are really lucky and excited that he can borrow one in the meantime.  I'm telling you, this kid is practically running!!!  Yesterday we went outside for a bit and he did not hesitate at all taking the walker down or up the step from the house to the patio.  Good thing we were there to guide a little bit :)  He is absolutely using it like a pro, navigating around corners and obstacles, and trucking through bumpy backyard terrain, as if he's been walking his entire life.

Then this morning, he walked from the church to the car, only pausing to take in all the sites.  And, this afternoon, he walked both from the car into the Y and to the pool, and back again afterwards.  We both laughed at how precisely he waited to pass the car, then turned off the sidewalk towards the car door and right up to his car seat.  Unbelievable.

Have I mentioned lately that Samuel is amazing?  Not only medically, but as he faces day to day challenges head on.  He literally lives and breathes the line, "If there's a will, there's a way."  If he could talk, and he saw my amazement at him walking, I am positive he would look me straight in the eyes and say very matter-of-factly, "no worries, I got it!"  Good thing, because I about lose it every time I see him walking... my boy is walking!!!!

 Showing off one day last week at physical therapy for Mo and Do :)

 Taking our loaner home!  Samuel trekked straight across the parking lot to the car, not a complaint to be heard. 

 Arriving home... hi dad! 
Check him out, walking to the front door like a big boy :)

 Outside and loving his new friend! 
Not once did Samuel sit and scoot or crawl, he went from the door,
to the pool, to the swings, back to the pool, took a tour of the patio,
and then inside. 

Go Samuel, Go!
Notice the fogginess?  Oh no, not fog, that's steam on the lens of the camera
because it was so hot and muggy out that day.  Gross. 
But as I mentioned before, not a single complaint from Samuel :)


Laura said...

BB - HI!! I have been silently following your blog for about a year now. You make me laugh and cry. You and your family are truly amazing! You inspire me to be a better mom and wife.
Miss you XOXO
Laura (Lloyd) Redpath

BB and DB said...

Laura! So great to hear from you! I have no idea how to reply to just you, so I hope you get this :) Thank you so much, I love that you found the blog and am humbled by your kind words. I would love to hear more about your family if you get a second... still seems strange that we're all grown up :)