Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making It Known

On July 31st, we finally got our chance to make public our decision to raise our children as Christians!  It was their Dedication, and such a wonderful feeling!  I know the day doesn't actually change anything, but it's something we have always wanted to do, but couldn't.  Now, everyone is home, the vent and trache are gone, DB's chest is mending nicely, and we are ALL well enough to be around this congregation who has supported us every step of the way... it feels good to stand up and say, this is what we believe, and this is how we will raise our children.

(In our church, you get baptised when you're old enough to make that decision for yourself.  A dedication is DB and I saying to the world that we are dedicating ourselves to raise our children as Christians.  The congregation also has a line in the ceremony in which they commit to helping us :) )

I am happy to say that, as DB put it, it couldn't have gone any better... or any worse :)  Early on the kiddos started causing a ruckus, but overall it didn't matter, the day was perfect because of it's intention.  As it turns out, saying "we do" trumps most tantrums :)  YEA!

Kind of dark, so not great photos... and I was a complete slacker and took NONE of everyone together.  How often do you get three children and three grandparents all in their Sunday best?!  Unbelievable.

Hello everyone!  Look at those adorable, well-behaved children!

Hmmm... not sure if the blurriness is from the camera or
the actual movement of those same well-behaved children pictured above...

Definitely the movement of the children!  Ha ha! 
I think George is literally swinging from the rooftops,
Samuel is wondering why in the world he can't get down and scoot, and
Olivia is about to bust out her foot-stomping rendition of "get me up, mommy!"

Back to calm again, but wait, things have changed...
everyone is being held :)

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