Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa and Samuel

Samuel's school has officially, completely, spoiled him and his classmates :)  You may remember Halloween, and Christmas has once again blown me away.  First, Santa came to visit... the photos say it all.  These kiddos had the best time getting photos with Santa, and I know how much the parents appreciated the chance to do something like this.  A few posts ago I talked about being thankful and not taking things for granted... while Samuel is healthier this Christmas, I remember how it feels to have a child you can't take in group settings, which generally means not doing things like Santa Claus.  What a great opportunity this was!

Second, one of the companies who went over and above during the Halloween festivities, dressing up to come and give the kids their goodies, threw them a little Christmas party!  Each kid had a handful of secret Santa's, and they even hired a puppeteer for entertainment.  I was blown away.  Actually, Mo and Do were blown away :)  I couldn't make it to everything (the commute is just a killer), but it worked perfectly because Mo and Do were in town and were able to take Samuel and be part of the fun.  Love how things work out!

The Day Santa Visited
Couldn't resist a few classroom photos - such a handsome boy!

Don't worry Samuel, she's not trying to steal your toy - ha ha!

There is one friend he doesn't mind sharing with...
can't believe they're sitting in the same chair :)

Hi!  I think I like you...

... pretty cool fur on your coat...

.... love the beard...

... this guy is great!

The candy canes made for great decorations,
and I thought they may even tempt Samuel to take a lick...

... but mostly they were just fun to crunch into 100 little pieces :)

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