Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Adventures

This Christmas is entirely different than last Christmas at our house!  I'm guessing most parents of nearly-three year olds say that, their level of understanding has quadrupled in the last year, but it is so much more than that for us.

I am loving watching my children enjoy this holiday season!  Just as they really began to understand birthdays in the last six months or so, they are really feeling the excitement of Christmas.  We're in a perfect place right now (although I completely understand it may change by next week)... they think Santa is so great but have no idea what he does, and they are so excited that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus' birthday :)  I love it! 

Olivia woke up one morning last week and excitedly asked me if today was Jesus' birthday.  When I replied that no, it was not today, she said that while that was okay, she already sang happy birthday that morning.  "Christmas like a child" is right, can you imagine if none of us knew we were getting presents on Christmas?!  Where would our joy be focused?!  They love the decorations, they love the songs, they can feel the excitement, and they are so excited for THE birthday.  Makes me smile :)

As I mentioned, this year is more than the traditional differences of kids growing up and getting wiser... this year we are out and about!  First, it's crazy that it's only been a year since Samuel started crawling, and now he's trying to run!  I remember the incredible feeling of watching him finally learn to crawl - it opened up his entire world.  We are definitely enjoying his newest mobility, walking, too.  Before this fall, anywhere we went Samuel had to either be in a stroller/wagon, be held, or be on the floor.  Now he can take off and either follow George and Olivia around or explore on his own, like a big boy!

Second, and even more impressive, last year not only did he still have his trache, but Samuel was still weening off the ventilator.  Hard to believe, part of me feels like the ventilator was a lifetime ago, and of course part of me still worries when I wake up in the morning that I missed an alarm (just an old habit, Samuel doesn't have any alarms anymore).  Since last Christmas, he has completely weened off the vent, weened off extra oxygen, and gotten rid of this trache.  AGH!  Sweet, sweet progress!

The kicker about last year is that we were having conversations with our pulmonologist about needing to skip most of the  plans I was concocting because Samuel's lungs were just to weak to be exposed to a lot of people.  Outings meant risking Samuel's health, and sickness at that time really could have put him back in the hospital in a minute.  Again, progress is SO good!

This year, we are on the move!  Which partially explains my lack of blogging, that and broken internet for a while there :)  More stories to come, but for now photos of the trains!  This was an exhibit put on by our local public library... two rooms of trains and their builders!  Excuse the photo quality, was learning to use my new phone - yea!

From the time we arrived, this was about all we saw of George :)
He was great about asking questions, but even then barely took his eyes off the trains,
he loved them!

My best attempt at getting George's face in a photo :)
He was so focused, taking a few breaks to laugh at some funny houses, animals, people, or other things in each train village.

Samuel liked the trains, too!  Although his attention span was pretty quick, once he'd seen one train, he had pretty much seen them all.  The good news, I mentioned this was at a public library and Samuel LOVES books!

Olivia enjoyed the train... villages!  The trains whizzing along was fun, but she loved to ask about the parts of each village, including the purpose of each little house :)

Thank you for bringing me here, Daddy :)

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