Friday, December 2, 2011

New Wheels

It was a Wednesday evening at our house... DB came home a bit later than normal, and BB announced to the kids, "Yea!  Daddy's home!  And he got a new car!"  George's eyes instantly widened as he excitedly asked, "Is it a dump truck?!"  Ha ha!

We did not buy a dump truck, but we did get a great new family mobile... welcome to the minivan club!  It was time, we needed two cars that could both fit our family of five, and three car seats do not fit in one row, we've tried!  Believe it or not, our only disappointment with joining this club has nothing to do with the minivan - it's pretty sweet - but our sadness is that we had to trade in the Subaru... the scooby.  That car has a lot of memories...

We've had the scooby for five years, during which time we got married and had three kids... yep, a lot of memories!  When my last car died, we tested out lots of things, but when DB asked me what I really wanted, it was a Subaru.  He looked high and low for just the right outback, and eventually found it!  It took us to beach a lot, and on a ton of road trips... it was perfect for bringing along the dogs (our first two children :) ).

It was also the car we drove nearly every day for a year to see Samuel... that car has been through a lot of emotions during those nearly 3-hour round trips.  Including a day that will live in the back of my mind forever... in July of '09, when the doctors told us we had to prepare ourselves for the worst with Samuel, and we had to make some decisions.  DB and I rode together a few times during those two weeks, and during one of those trips we found the quiet, private, time and talked.  As my friend Marianne put it, that car also has a lot of secrets :) 

Crazy I've written an entire post about a car... and that a car carries with it so many emotions.  Loved the scooby!  To see our kids running around the new van squealing with delight makes it a little easier :)  It's all George has talked about for the last few weeks, even though it's not a dump truck.  (It does take most people a few minutes to realize what a "vee-yan" is, ha ha!)

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Proud Mother said...

We wanted to wish you guys a ver Merry Christmas!

From Charleston, SC