Wednesday, December 28, 2011

He Nibbled The Cheese!

Christmas was incredible with our family this year!  The kids are at an age that I could run the video camera non-stop... they were truly excited, and surprised, and intrigued, by just about everything... which made for priceless memories!

Christmas Eve we were battling some illnesses, so decided to stay home.  (Yes, you will see Samuel with oxygen... more to come, but he's doing okay.)  The kids were psyched to open up some great sleeping bags, maybe even more thrilled they had their names on them, and spent a while making sure each of them was cozy :)  Bedtime was easy, because of course they really didn't get that Santa was coming that night!

First thing in the morning they were shocked to find a little train set in their room, and couldn't believe Santa had been in their room, it clicked :)  Having no clue there was more waiting, they played in that room for a long time.  That could have been it for presents and they would have been completely satisfied... I cherished that part about this Christmas, ha ha!

Whoa... love it!

Me too!  Mommy, I need a bow (direct quote) :)

Samuel enjoyed the train, but his excitement peaked with this shopping cart!  The kids have one outside, so we were really surprised at how much joy Samuel found in it... he pushed it, and bear, around all day.  Pausing just long enough to give bear kisses and put him back in the seat :)

George and Olivia were thrilled that Santa ate ALL of his cookies,
leaving only the crumbs, and that Santa Mouse had nibbled on this cheese! 
They still love to tell that story :) 

We had a nice, leisurely breakfast because, again, they had no idea the presents under the tree were for them, much less that we would be opening them that morning.

All three kiddos enjoying the same toy at the same time, now THAT is great!

Every present came with a huge smile!
Yes, Samuel is taking a little rest in the back... his energy was on and off most of the day.  But like I said, every day he got better and better.

George and Olivia helped each other, and everyone else open presents.  As you can see, no matter who the present was for, they thought it was just awesome!  Who knew Olivia would be so excited that George got some new PJ's?!  Ha!

The barn was one of Samuel's favorites...

... especially the new animal friends inside :)

The kids enjoyed their after dinner treat, singing
Happy Birthday to Jesus with their Reece's Cups :)

By the end of the day, we all passed out happy and content :) 
Thankfully it was only Samuel who did so on the kitchen floor!

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Proud Mum said...

i pray Samuel is well now...God Bless all of you!!! So happy the holidays were great!!!