Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Undies, Charleston, and Date Night

What a combo, but those have been some of the highlights these last few weeks... undies, Charleston, and date night!

Undies might be self explanatory :) George and Olivia have been practicing wearing underwear at home, but with April came wearing them to school, too!  So far, so good... and so exciting.  Seriously, two kids out of diapers/pull ups is huge!  Not only for their development, egos, whatever... but also for our checkbook, ha ha!  We're so close!

Charleston is actually not what you might think.  Yes, it has to do with doctors, but not real one's :)  Last week I was getting ready for work and in walked Olivia... "Mommy, I need to get some shoes..." as she puts on a pair of mine I smile, this happens often.  But this time it was followed by "... I need to go to Charleston!"  What?!  You need to go where?!  "Mommy, baby is sick and I need to take her to Charleston... Georgie, come on, we're going to Charleston!"

I'm fairly convinced Olivia has no idea where Charleston is, or even that it's an entire city, but apparently she knows there is a doctor there.  I was dying!  When we talk with the kids we mention that Samuel needs to go to the doctor or the hospital, but never to Charleston or the actual name of the hospital.  I'm fairly certain it would raise the anxiety level if they knew it was not around the corner.  Some parents know their kids are overhearing things when they let a curse word fly, but no, I know because my daughter is taking her baby to Charleston.  Makes me smile and shake my head.

The next day we cut some of Samuel's old oxygen tubing and made nasal cannula's for our baby dolls :)

And date night!  DB encouraged me to go on my first-ever date night with George, and I loved it!  The timing was also incredible, it was the Friday before Samuel had to take the helicopter so I was really thankful to have had that time before spending three days away.  I can't wait to spend a date night with my other two... I learned so much about George that night!  We talked the entire time, some of it real conversation, some of it pretend stories, and some of it make-believe.  I am a happy mama!

No photos of the undies or Dr. Olivia, but a few from date night...

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