Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Christmas Season!

We've been talking about Christmas for a while, but one thing I didn't plan on was explaining that Christmas time really isn't just one day. I tried, I did my best, talking about Christmas as a "time of year," a "season," etc.  But, no good.  Makes sense that Christmas would be one day, since every other birthday is just one day!

BUT, the first weekend in December we went to a Christmas concert and put the lights on the house.  That Sunday evening we plugged everything in, and as soon as Snoopy (with a santa hat and candy cane) was fully inflated in the front yard... Olivia declared, "It IS Christmas time!"  Who knew that Snoopy had such power?!  Ha!

Last weekend the Christmas fun continued with a parade and tree decorating. I used to wonder why Christmas was celebrated all month, but now I know... KIDS!  We are having so much fun :)

The crew after the parade - all smiles!  Small town parade with high schoolers, dance groups, local military folks, the mayor, old cars, and even the hot air balloon company lighting a huge flame on top of an open basket.  Of course the highlight was Santa on the firetruck, they saved the best for last!

After the parade we went to Omi's house for dinner and tree trimming.  
Every ornament was exciting :)

The kids did a great job being careful, too!  Thank goodness, I can't lie, every time Omi gave them an ornament I half-way held my breath hoping it wouldn't get smushed.

Samuel was up to his old tricks again... "mom, I'm just looking - not touching!"

Of course, no week would be complete without being outside!
George has been riding his bike for a while, but finally got the big wheel - yea!

Samuel would not slow down on this Wednesday afternoon!

Olivia trying out her new bike... after dance class :)

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