Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Finally, the much awaited day was here!

 He came!  He came!  The cookies, the milk, the cheese, the carrots... he was here!

 Check it out everyone!
We soaked up the fact that they didn't even notice the presents for a while :)  I want it to last!  Ha!

Little slugger :)

Uh oh, he can actually hit it off the tee... and far!

Wait just a second... did anyone else notice there is something IN our stockings?!

Hey mama, check it out...

... I think Santa read the Wish List instead of the Christmas List ;)  Ha!
Cheers to eating in 2013!  Never hurts to aim high!

Everyone was served their mid-morning snack of tea with cream and sugar :)

And everyone had their photo taken by the aspiring photographer - he was so into it!

Thank you, uncle Jeb, for believing in us!

Some of the funniest moments were after the presents were opened, just sitting back and listening... for example, to Olivia instruct George on how to do the doll's hair.  Ha!  I think he's half-listening :)

And maybe half-not listening... unless this is an actual style.  
But she sure was pretty :)

By the end of the day we were all being serenaded, mostly Christmas tunes with a few other favorites tossed in there.  (Funny side note, I think DB almost fell over when the kids called the ball in the corner of the photo a basketball - ha ha!  They know was it is now :) )

The singing was a great warm-up for the best song of the day... Happy Birthday to Jesus!
The most awesome reason for the season :)

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